Tilda Watson

BA (Hons) Art & Philosophy

Exploring the intersection between the memory of lived experience and the recollection of dreams.

Life Drawing (aboard the Blun-Doodle-Bus)

Revolting Arts Club

Date: Saturday 13th August 2022 Place: Blundabus, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Revolting Arts club as hosted by Revolting Rosy

Situated upon the upper level of a stationary vintage double decker bus, a couple dozen people pile up the steps, after catching a cider on the buses lower-level bar in replacement for a ticket. I had been aware of Revolting Arts Club for some time since discovering them during lockdown along with other groups who had also adapted to being online such as Brixton Life Drawing. This was my first-time taking part in person and admittedly it had been a while since I’d drawn from a model. The classes have an emphasis on accessibility with a pay what you want policy. Materials are provided and it’s a space for all individuals and abilities. For those of us in the formal arts or those who have been through arts education, the focus on imperfection acts a little as an artists rehabilitation centre. No more painfully closing one eye or panicking about perspective but instead jumping aboard and enjoying the process. The wonderfully poised model “Fanny Bleach”, comedian and cabaret performer, was incredibly comfortable and dressed in only a devil horned bonnet.

With charcoal in one hand and a free bourbon biscuit in the other (try not to get these confused) the session flew by. With running commentary and conversation by the host, Revolting Rosy spoke of letting go, Capitalism and remaining playful. Among the intimacy of this jazz filled bus the raucous of Edinburgh’s streets seemed far away in this corseted, feather wearing place which although stationary, gently took us to a new more tranquil destination. Catching a drawing session with Revolting Arts Club will give you a moment to laugh about the wonky and wonderful drawing you just did. Slight points are deducted for the logistics of being able to see a full model's body pose at the back of a bus but nevertheless a worthwhile experience.

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